Researchin acausal Information

Interferences in math and art

Drei Annaeherungen eine diese interferenzmuster Three approximations one these interference patterns

1. In 1986 I tried to start an endless calculation process with my Commodore

VC20 which started with the number one but never reaches zero. The number decreases with a logarithmic factor. The length of the number showed a logarithmic rhythm. Which was very interessting for my artistic work. It ends 2017 here

2. 2019 - I also found these interferences during my research on complex information

Information never exists as logic information or as emotions - it is the sum of both. It is like people in reality - they cannot exist without changing reality once a day. Our dreams could be the imaginary part of information. However, reality or real life demands an ever increasing amount of logical information due to the global information society. As an artist I have to try to imitate more humanity with mathematical arguments. see here

3. 2005 i found the interference in a drawing program.

I used "dia", a really small vector program in linux. -- Draw a circle -- select an interrupted lineart (dots) 0.5 cm -- make the lines about 10cm thick an move the object

since 2005 there is a research on acausal information about the anomalies of the water